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Five feet of influence…

Writing about Patrick Page in my last post made me think about the other books that have influenced me. I’m talking about the books that I periodically return to, again and again, to refresh my interest, to inspire me to … Continue reading

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Patrick Page

I have had the great pleasure to meet, learn from (and occasionally bring to NH) many remarkable performers from around the world. Patrick Page was one of the finest “journeyman” performers I ever knew and one of my favorite performers … Continue reading

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Talk is *not* cheap…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It doesn’t matter who “they” is, but the statement is interesting. Ever since I was little I have seen the world as a series of pictures – vignettes, if you will. … Continue reading

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Stepping on Memories…

I read a Facebook post today by a magician remarking on the impact pieces can have on spectators. Basically, he stated how a current audience member described a powerful experience a few weeks earlier where their property ended up in … Continue reading

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Open Registrations

We have enabled Comments for posts as long as you are a registered user. We simply ask that you register with your actual first and last name. As we become more of a community, I may invite some users to … Continue reading

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Sensuality in Magic inspires a community…

Today I posted the following to @magicmatters: “Sensuality in magic. Is it going the way of the dodo? Quiet moments, profound impact – all affect the experience…” My twitter feeds directly into my Facebook account and I got several responses … Continue reading

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When we go see a performance of stage magic, one key to entertaining and effective presentations involves a sense of precision. Movement, Sound, and Vision are coordinated to create a pleasing fusion of visual magic. The more precise and dictated … Continue reading

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Aesthetics: Communication without Words

It’s been a busy summer so far with performances in at least three styles (contemporary, vaudeville & renaissance work) and it got me thinking about how important the artistic choices you make in selection of costume, props, equipment, scenery and … Continue reading

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Road Worker

If you want to get a sense of what it means to be a full-time performer who retains a full-time enthusiasm for magic, you can do no better than to read Nick Lewin’s wonderful blog: Nick writes on a … Continue reading

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Being present…

Expanding on my last post… Letting go is the first step to expanding your performance skill set. What you are ultimately shooting for is the ability to “be present”. What the heck does that mean? That means truly listening and … Continue reading

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