Sensuality in Magic inspires a community…

Today I posted the following to @magicmatters:

“Sensuality in magic. Is it going the way of the dodo? Quiet moments, profound impact – all affect the experience…”

My twitter feeds directly into my Facebook account and I got several responses there (hopefully you can read the thread whether you are my “friend” or not):

I am enjoying the discussion and would like to use this as an opportunity to begin expanding our contributor base. For that reason, I have invited Naphtalia Leba, a Los Angeles-based magic performer, demonstrator and thinker to join us and post on topics she finds of interest. We will begin opening the comment opportunities to some threads to let you participate (although I know that will result in buttloads of spam) as I would like to see this blog turn more into a community. We will try to approve accounts as quickly as possible so that you can be part of the discussion…


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