Patrick Page

I have had the great pleasure to meet, learn from (and occasionally bring to NH) many remarkable performers from around the world. Patrick Page was one of the finest “journeyman” performers I ever knew and one of my favorite performers to watch. I got to talk with him a few times over the years beginning over twenty years ago when he performed at NEMCON in CT. Pat’s knowledge of magic was encyclopedic as well as practical. He was a working performer in every sense of the word.

He was also a remarkable teacher and brilliant creator.

Pat passed away in 2010, but not before working with Matthew Field to produce one of the finest books on magic for the working professional: Magic Page by Page (still available from Pat’s family here). He not only teaches you what to do (for each piece), but also the “why” behind the how… I highly recommend that every working performer own this book, study it and periodically dip into it for new insights, not only for Pat’s material, but rather for what it will teach you about what you perform and how.

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