Technically Technique

Believe it or not technique does not matter! That does not mean you can get away with having poor technique, rather that you should spend your time performing magic with the techniques that you are the most sure of, the most secure with. That does not mean that the study of new sleight-of-hand technique is without value. First, the more you practice, the more graceful you are whether with a new sleight you are just working on or when using techniques you have known cold for years. It makes no sense to perform a piece using techniques that you are uncomfortable using just because the originator found that technique to be the best for him. Time to alter the suit to fit you. Off the rack may be wonderful for most people, but when you are in the spotlight, you want to look your best. Use the techniques that make sense to you. Better that you use a double-undercut and have it fly under the radar because your body language reads, “non-issue,” rather than use a pass which makes you tense up at entirely the wrong moment.

Rehearse technical movements to break them in and fit your body. If they don’t fit, discard! That having been said, sometimes you have to weigh how the technique impacts the audience’s conviction-level. If simple technique leaves behind an image in their head of a weak moment, methodologically-speaking, perhaps you owe it yourself and your audiences to spend the time making a move your own.

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