Some are quick to discount a routine as ineffective if it doesn’t get a strong response in the first few attempts. The lack of a response is often not attributed to lack of practice or focused presentation, but a failing of the material. Rather than admit a failing on their part to develop an engaging presentation, the disenchanted enchanter jumps to other material in the elusive quest to “find the right trick.”

While there is some validity to the “right trick” premise, many people haven’t taken the time or effort to determine what type of character they have been “endowed” with. To look at it another way: to determine the performance approach that will be most effective for them in communicating the magic.

It can be difficult (and sometimes painful) to examine yourself, determine a definite performing character and spend time tailoring the magic to fit this character, but the wonderful thing about this approach is that, once determined, character virtually determines the material which material you can, and cannot, perform.

It can be very liberating to be limited in scope, n’est pas?

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